Friday, January 22, 2010

Going backward to get started

Last night I was inspired to speak eloquently about my purpose for this blog. Unfortunately I was alone, driving in a car, and unable to record myself! Let me just tell you it was wonderful!

Today, instead, I will tell you about my current endeavor: substitute teaching.

Without going into all the background about why I'm entering into this venture, I will tell you that I am soon going to be subbing. In my state, if an interested person would like to substitute teach but does not have a teaching certification (which varies from state to state!), that person would be allowed to sub if he/she has a Bachelor's degree, and takes the training required of their school district, after which the person is considered a "Guest Teacher". While I have been accepted into a post-b program for a teaching cert, I have not yet begun those classes, so I followed the other route. Last fall I applied for my various clearances, including getting fingerprinted by the FBI, being verified for child abuse clearance, and a criminal background check.

Once I began that process I filled out a form for my local Intermediate Unit, which in my case runs the Guest Teacher program. I sent them my application and fee, and then waited for a call for an interview. I had a pleasant interview, but I believe that my referral by a local teacher was what cemented my position. This is a teacher who taught 2 of my children, and I can't say enough wonderful things about how amazing she is. She is the teacher we should all aspire to be! I let her know my plans and she supported me and graciously allowed me to use her as a reference.

Finally last week the class was held. I had all of my paperwork ready, so I was disappointed when I was told I had to wait another week to call to arrange my observation. Honestly, I welcome the observation, I just wanted to do it right away!

My observation is scheduled for next week. I can't wait.

More later!

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