Monday, January 25, 2010

Fashion - not

Tonight I'm concerned with what I will wear tomorrow for my day of observation at the high school. I know I need to wear something comfortable, but professional.

Since I have been wearing nursing uniforms for my job at the veterinarian clinic during the past 2 and one half years, I really don't have too many professional outfits. I do have one skirt (which I refuse to wear), one pair of comfy pants that are big everywhere and long, but are a little cinched at the waste, and one suit that is too long for my legs but otherwise fits me. Wait, I forgot I hemmed the suit. Bonus points!

I have a great outfit for the comfy pants, and that includes a pale green turtleneck sweater and a black and white tweed jacket. But I'm afraid it will be too warm.

The suit is a gray pinstripe which is a nice color and I have been wearing a bright blue dress shirt with it, which makes it very friendly. But maybe I don't want to look too friendly tomorrow in front of classes of high schoolers. hmmm...

The shoes will be a comfortable pair of black boots with 2" heels. They are not leather, but they are comfortable, and that's what counts. I have been looking for boots for a few years, since I wore mine out. I haven't even found one pair of plain leather boots, so this pair is literally the first I've bought in about 5 years. I have been wearing them for about 2 weeks, and they are just about perfect. I just wish they were leather because leather can be repaired while vinyl usually cannot be repaired.

So how much do I think this will really matter tomorrow to the teacher whom I am observing and to the students? Well, not much, but I will feel better if I feel comfortable and professional and well put together. Classic chic. LOL okay, I may not be classic or chic but I still want to feel good. And there are some things that a person can do to achieve this, and this is the point of getting it ready tonight.

Just as the Bag of Tricks helps the substitute be prepared, so does getting your outfit ready the night before. I may not be able to look like Angelina Jolie (voted most beautiful woman in the world last year), but I hope to look half as good as this classic beauty, Jodie Foster.

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