Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 1

No, I won't be labeling every post this way, but I couldn't resist.

I have toyed for years with the idea of blogging. Even 15 years ago I considered it. However, I felt that I would reveal too much of myself by creating a personal blog, and my areas of expertise were such that it would involve many personal stories.

Today I embark upon this new experience with the intent to help define some of my own future goals and perhaps help others (if others decide to read this) in making opportunities for themselves and take them!

I would like to blog about the need to redefine oneself over a lifetime. I would like to blog about finding a personal vision. I would like to also investigate goal setting, within the realm of that personal vision. And I would like to encourage people of all ages with an interest in returning to school, to do so. I will do this by adding information about college and what that entails.

Please excuse me as I investigate the set up for my future posts, and welcome to my site!

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